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Fire Alarm Using Flame Sensor and Arduino

How to make a Fire Alarm with Arduino

In this tutorial we will learn how to make a Fire Alarm Using Arduino and Flame Sensor.
For this tutorial we will use Flame Sensor, Led, Buzzer and Arduino UNO.

Hardware Required :

Project circuit :

Project circuit diagram is shown below.

Fire Alarm Using Flame Sensor and Arduino

How Flame Sensor Works

These sorts of sensors are used for brief range fire detection and may be wont to monitor projects or as a security precaution to chop devices off / on.

The flame sensor is extremely sensitive to IR wavelength at 760 nm ~ 1100 nm light.

Analog output (A0) : Real-time output voltage signal on the thermal resistance.

Digital output (D0) : When the temperature reaches a particular threshold, the output high and low signal threshold adjustable via potentiometer.

Pins :

  • VCC    —  Positive voltage input: 5v for analog 3.3v for Digital.
  • A0      —  Analog output
  • D0      —  Digital output
  • GND  —  Ground

Fire Alarm Using Flame Sensor and Arduino

Link to the Code :

Demonstration :


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