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Arduino Servo Balance Beam

How to build your own balance beam game with Arduino

In this tutorial, we will learn how to build your own balance beam game using a Arduino and a servo motor.

Hardware Required :

Project circuit :

Project circuit diagram is shown below.

Arduino Servo Balance Beam

Servo motors

A servo motor uses closed loop position feedback to control its motion and final position. Servo motors are intended for use in more specific tasks, where position needs to be accurate, such as moving a robotic arm. For this purpose, servo motors are an assembly of a DC motor, control circuit, potentiometer, and a gearing set.

The angle of rotation is limited to 180 degrees compared to the free run of a normal DC motor. They usually have three wires consisting of power, ground, and signal. To run the servo motors, continuous power is required. By giving a signal of proper value to the signal pin of the servo, one can control the position of the servo motor.

When a servo is given the signal to move, if any external force is applied to change its position, the servo motor will try to hold on to its position. A servo motor uses an integrated controller circuit to position itself.

Servo motors are usually suited for robotic arms/legs where fast, high torque, and accurate rotation within a limited angle is required.

Link to the Code :

Demonstration :


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